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Choose Commercial Waste Removal for demolition services in Columbus, Ohio

Demolishing homes can be dangerous and time-consuming. With over 16 years of residential demolition experience, you can count on our house demolition contractor to tear down your old house safely and without delay.

Commercial Waste Removal specializes in residential demolition services in the Columbus, Ohio area. We have the equipment and skills needed to demolish everything, from the roof to the foundation. Our contractors will take their time to plan the demolition of your home in order to avoid damaging any surrounding structures.

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Make sure you hire an experienced demolition company

Make sure you hire an experienced demolition company

Trust a house demolition contractor at Commercial Waste Removal to conduct your demolition project in Columbus, Ohio. A professional demolition company will:

  • Comply with appropriate regulations
  • Demolish your home quickly
  • Protect surrounding property
  • Dispose of hazardous materials properly
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